Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week in Review 6/5/2011, 14 weeks

Alex’s Symphony #1 for Toy Piano

So, this week has been a bit interesting in the life of our little guy.  It seems that he’s starting to learn the principle of cause and effect.  Meaning, if he bangs on the new toy piano my parents got him when they came to visit (oh, did I not mention that they came to visit? … more on that in a moment) it makes a sound.  How was that for a complex and convoluted sentence.

Anyway, it’s so fun to watch him as he will just wail on that little plastic piano so intently.  And speaking of intense, he’s both a serious and not so serious guy.  He’s serious in that he can stare something down for a long time.  No matter where we take him, he’s always just looking around and watching the world go by.  We took him to The Yards Park today in Southeast DC where his spent an hour or so just watching everything from the crazy dancers to the kids running around to the water fountain they had there for people to run around in.

The rest of the week was relatively laidback.  Monday I had off, so we hung around and relaxed (as much as you can when it’s 90F+/30c+ outside. Then Tuesday my mom came up on the bus to see us for a few days.  That gave her and Alex a chance to get to see each other for the first time in about six weeks.  Then my dad came up on Friday for the weekend.

Firsts: While maybe not an actual first, it was his first experience with the toy piano (seen in the video above).  It was also his first trip (and ours too) to The Yards Park down in SE.

Ups He’s really starting to engage his surroundings now. Like with the toy piano or his play mat, he’s taking more in and is really beginning to understand that his hands can be used for more than just randomly slapping himself in the face.

Downs He doesn’t really like to go to sleep.  Mommy has a real hard time getting him to calm down enough to take a nap.  And when he does, he tends to sleep 30-45 minutes then wake back up.  While that seems to leave him at least partially rested (power naps FTW), he is not quite fully tanked up and mommy doesn’t really get a chance to get any thing else done.

Oh and on a random note, we just picked up a Flip video camera from Target for $79.  We hope that we’ll be able to use it quite a bit to take video and post here.  The video on this post was taken with the new camera FWIW.

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