Monday, June 20, 2011

Week in Review 6/19/2011, 16 weeks old

First Father’s Day

So it’s early Monday morning and I’m waiting for an appointment to show up here at the house, so I thought I’d try and bang this week’s blog entry out.  If I don’t make too much sense, blame it on it being a Monday morning at 8:15am.  Oh, and to make matters a bit worse, I think this week was another “no real important news to report week”.

Perhaps the biggest news right now is that it appears Alex has stopped his two month long growth spurt.  Right now, he seems to be eating a little less and when we turn away from him for a second, he doesn’t always outgrow the outfit he was wearing.

I do fear, however, that teething time is right around the corner.  He’s started to drool and has begun chewing on his fingers.  Now, that may not be anything other than a baby being a baby, but it is about that time.

Firsts The only real first I can think of this week is we all went down to immigration to help Feli get some of her final paperwork sorted out.  For daddy and Alex, that meant sitting in the car and strolling around the US CIS parking lot while mommy went inside to handle the biometrics.

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