Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in Review 6/26/2011, 17 weeks

Seeing the ocean for the first time


It's well into Monday and here is mommy writing this post. Usually it's daddy who writes the weeks in review but he's busy now at the IBM office in Costa Mesa, CA. Alex and I are at the nice hotel, chilling and getting used to the new environment. We made it to California on Saturday morning and after enjoying two days or so in Santa Monica, we made our way to Costa Mesa. Life is good for me this week! I have maids knocking on my door waiting to come inside and clean the room, breakfast with lots of options is served from 6.30 to 9.30 am and the beautiful weather outside is inviting us to hang out by the pool any time of the day.

Firsts A big first for Alex this week was flying for the first time. Despite our terrible traveling experience described by me in the earlier post, he was a very easy baby to travel with. He cried about two times but he was well justified for that- hungry and tired the first time and ear pressure the second time. Another big first was him seeing the ocean for the first time! We hang out by the Pier in Santa Monica on Sunday morning and he loved looking around.

Alex is not rolling yet but this week he discovered a half-way roll. He pushes himself with his legs and turns about half way but then stops. I tried to help him and roll him completely on his belly but than his one arm gets stuck under and doesn't know how to pull it out. I guess we have to wait a little bit longer for that just like we have to do for his sitting up. He does sit up but either being held up by one of us or if we prompt him between pillows. Otherwise, the gravitation pulls his chubby belly down and we find him flipped on one side. Speaking of chubby belly, I think our baby boy weighs now 23 pounds!! We have a doctor's appointment next week so it will be curious to see what's the percentile he is into right now.

Not sure if daddy already mentioned Alex blowing raspberries at us. He's done that for some time but what's new this time around is how wet and sloppy they are. He blows them with so much pathos that he manages to spit on whoever holds him. He does that quite a lot and entertains anyone who's around during his 'performance'. We had people on the plane, at Whole Foods, in coffee shops smile at his show.

Downs Alex caught his first cold!! Not sure when or how it happened but we all got a bit sick during this trip, daddy got his usual head cold, mommy has a sore throat while little Alex sneezes lots and lots and has a running nose. I was a bit worried so we called the pediatric's office to ask for advice on what to do with him. He doesn't have any other symptoms like fever or loss of appetite, so I only hope the cold will go away as easy and fast as it appeared. As I type this I'm realizing how much he actually slept today, it's 1 pm and he's been asleep pretty much all morning. Maybe this is yet another symptom but usually sleeping and resting helps with recovery so I hope that's what's going on.

Ups He's still a happy little guy despite this cold he's got. We so love our good baby boy!

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