Friday, September 23, 2011

Flip Friday

Bath time for Alex is either in the sink or in the shower with one of us. The sink though is his favorite, he loves 'catching' the water as it sprinkles out from the faucet. I love his cute baby layers showing off in this video:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Review 9/18/2011, 29 weeks

IMG 0061

I guess I'll call this one the "sticking out the tongue" edition.  This week our little guy decided that sticking his tongue out would be a neat trick.  I wonder who he learned that one from ;).  (For those of you who don't know, it's not mommy).  Anyway, it's rather cute at this point.  Not sure how cute it'll be in a couple of years ….

Other than the tongue thing, Saturday was a big day for the family as it was the first real yard sale we've ever had.  In fact, we ended up making it a block-wide sale, trying to glom onto the whole H Street Festival that happened today.  Not sure if it was the best idea or not, but we did have OK foot traffic and most importantly managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff we no longer wanted.

I hate to keep making these short, but as time goes on, there are fewer "big changes" and more moving on with life.  At least there's Flip Friday where Feli posts a video of our little guy.

Also, don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but our little guy really does like water.  We've stared bathing him in the kitchen sink.  He's so cute as he sits and splashes in the water.  It's kinda funny just how much he loves the water.

One thing we have started to notice is that he's getting overwhelmed in crowds.  If there are too many people or too much noise, it's starting to freak him out a little bit.  Not sure if that's a phase or if he's really going to be like that.  Guess only time will tell.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Flip Friday

I was digging through older videos of Alex and decided on this one. It was an early Sunday morning at the end of June when the three of us walked over to the Pier from the hotel. It was Alex's first time at the ocean but he was too little to realize it (about 4 months old). We are taking him again to see the ocean, play in the water and sand, but this time to Florida at the beginning of October. Can't wait!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hats (yet another updated version)

I like how our little one can pull of any style. He might have no choice but be into hats like mommy and daddy are. Thank you Mimi for keeping up with Alex's fashion!

Alex s Hats

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week in Review 9/11/2011, 28 weeks

Another week, another blog entry and another instance of what do I want to say.  Some weeks are easy, like when we have a 6 month anniversary, a hurricane, an earthquake and daddy's birthday all in the same week.  Others like two weeks ago are a bit harder where nothing momentous happened.  Last week was probably a bit of both.  Monday was Labor Day of course, so we had an extra day of relaxation.  Of course, part of that was daddy working out in the garage to finish a project that's been on tap for quite some time.  However, we were able to head over our church's family picnic.  Turns out there's a rather nice little park area south of the city where the Anacostia and Potomac rivers meet.

Tuesday through Thursday mommy will have to tell you about because I was out of town on business.

Friday was a big day for Alex as it was his 6 month checkup.  And … get this … he's almost 25 pounds and over 31" long.  We knew he was getting to be a rather chunky little monkey, but we didn't realize just how big he'd gotten.  Other than that, he's a healthy little 6 month old.

The weekend had us going out ti visit his girlfriends out in the Reston area.  Not sure he really liked the car ride as we had a slight meltdown about half way through.  However, it may not have been the car ride, but rather that he was hungry.  On the way back, he crashed hard and slept the whole way home.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flip Friday

I know this is more like Flip Saturday but I just can't keep the days straight anymore. I realized late last night that it was Friday but didn't have the energy to do anything about it and then today we got all busy. My quick solution was to 'steal' this clip recorded by Michael with his phone about a week ago. We went for a walk to Union St and bought a baguette from one of the vendors outside. We gave Alex his first piece of bread and he absolutely loved it ... not that I am surprised there... he seems to like everything we give him.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week in Review 9/3/2011, 27 weeks

Ok, so this is almost a two weeks in review entry.  My apologies for the delay in getting this one up and online, but it has been a rather busy few days.  Also, his last week wasn't terribly eventful.  That being said, I think Feli will end up posting a few videos and pictures of our little guy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My 27th week in pictures

Like daddy will say in his future entry about my week, it was not quite as an impressive one like the previous week but it was still fun and eventful. Mommy really likes taking me places and I enjoy being pushed in the stroller and watch the world around me. Mommy is also a bit obsessed with the camera and she takes it everywhere, but I know when I older, I will enjoy looking at these images and see how little I was and how much I have changed.

Sunday after church, mommy and daddy took me to the Newseum downtown. This was my third time here because we have a yearly membership but I was a bit tired so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. We got home and mommy asked daddy to take some pictures of us on the porch. Mommy dressed me up really cute with jeans and a shirt so she wanted to show me off a little, right mommy?

DSC 5952  Version 2

I like this one of mommy and I... where she goes, I go, we are quite inseparable these days.

DSC 5931  Version 2

Monday we went for a long walk on the Capitol Hill and we saw quite a bunch of trees that got destroyed by the hurricane Irene. After a while I got tired chasing fallen trees with mommy so I took a nap but she kept finding them.


Tuesday mommy took me to a MOTH (Mothers On The Hill) group with other babies between 6 to 12 months. We went to a park where they had swings for babies like me so I got to experience my first time on a swing!! I had so much, I hope mommy takes me back there. Look at me, I am a big boy, aren't I?

DSCN5653  Version 2

Wednesday we went for a long walk to IMF where mommy used to work. Here's me sitting up in the park in front of the building, I am pretty good at sitting like this and I like it so much better- I can see much more than being on my back!

DSCN5662  Version 2

I don't remember what we did on Thursday because there is no picture (mommy took a break that day) but then on Friday, we all went for a live music concert at the Yards, the beautiful park by Anacostia river. Some of mommy's friends came along, check me out with the pretty ladies again. I like all the attention I get from them!


Saturday we hang out around the house and then we took a long walk together. We stopped by one of mommy's favorite museum, National Portrait Gallery and enjoyed the cool air inside. Here's me and daddy playing in the inner court of the museum. I have to say that I enjoy very much growing up in this city. Life is good!




Friday, September 2, 2011

Flip Friday

We cannot get enough of Alex's laughter. We try to make him laugh any chance we get and sometimes he starts chuckling at the slightest goofy face, sometimes it takes all the effort and than some. Here's daddy making Alex laugh after a pleasant, laid back dinner on Michael's birthday, at a neighborhood restaurant.