Monday, September 12, 2011

Week in Review 9/11/2011, 28 weeks

Another week, another blog entry and another instance of what do I want to say.  Some weeks are easy, like when we have a 6 month anniversary, a hurricane, an earthquake and daddy's birthday all in the same week.  Others like two weeks ago are a bit harder where nothing momentous happened.  Last week was probably a bit of both.  Monday was Labor Day of course, so we had an extra day of relaxation.  Of course, part of that was daddy working out in the garage to finish a project that's been on tap for quite some time.  However, we were able to head over our church's family picnic.  Turns out there's a rather nice little park area south of the city where the Anacostia and Potomac rivers meet.

Tuesday through Thursday mommy will have to tell you about because I was out of town on business.

Friday was a big day for Alex as it was his 6 month checkup.  And … get this … he's almost 25 pounds and over 31" long.  We knew he was getting to be a rather chunky little monkey, but we didn't realize just how big he'd gotten.  Other than that, he's a healthy little 6 month old.

The weekend had us going out ti visit his girlfriends out in the Reston area.  Not sure he really liked the car ride as we had a slight meltdown about half way through.  However, it may not have been the car ride, but rather that he was hungry.  On the way back, he crashed hard and slept the whole way home.


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