Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My 27th week in pictures

Like daddy will say in his future entry about my week, it was not quite as an impressive one like the previous week but it was still fun and eventful. Mommy really likes taking me places and I enjoy being pushed in the stroller and watch the world around me. Mommy is also a bit obsessed with the camera and she takes it everywhere, but I know when I older, I will enjoy looking at these images and see how little I was and how much I have changed.

Sunday after church, mommy and daddy took me to the Newseum downtown. This was my third time here because we have a yearly membership but I was a bit tired so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. We got home and mommy asked daddy to take some pictures of us on the porch. Mommy dressed me up really cute with jeans and a shirt so she wanted to show me off a little, right mommy?

DSC 5952  Version 2

I like this one of mommy and I... where she goes, I go, we are quite inseparable these days.

DSC 5931  Version 2

Monday we went for a long walk on the Capitol Hill and we saw quite a bunch of trees that got destroyed by the hurricane Irene. After a while I got tired chasing fallen trees with mommy so I took a nap but she kept finding them.


Tuesday mommy took me to a MOTH (Mothers On The Hill) group with other babies between 6 to 12 months. We went to a park where they had swings for babies like me so I got to experience my first time on a swing!! I had so much, I hope mommy takes me back there. Look at me, I am a big boy, aren't I?

DSCN5653  Version 2

Wednesday we went for a long walk to IMF where mommy used to work. Here's me sitting up in the park in front of the building, I am pretty good at sitting like this and I like it so much better- I can see much more than being on my back!

DSCN5662  Version 2

I don't remember what we did on Thursday because there is no picture (mommy took a break that day) but then on Friday, we all went for a live music concert at the Yards, the beautiful park by Anacostia river. Some of mommy's friends came along, check me out with the pretty ladies again. I like all the attention I get from them!


Saturday we hang out around the house and then we took a long walk together. We stopped by one of mommy's favorite museum, National Portrait Gallery and enjoyed the cool air inside. Here's me and daddy playing in the inner court of the museum. I have to say that I enjoy very much growing up in this city. Life is good!




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