Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Review 9/18/2011, 29 weeks

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I guess I'll call this one the "sticking out the tongue" edition.  This week our little guy decided that sticking his tongue out would be a neat trick.  I wonder who he learned that one from ;).  (For those of you who don't know, it's not mommy).  Anyway, it's rather cute at this point.  Not sure how cute it'll be in a couple of years ….

Other than the tongue thing, Saturday was a big day for the family as it was the first real yard sale we've ever had.  In fact, we ended up making it a block-wide sale, trying to glom onto the whole H Street Festival that happened today.  Not sure if it was the best idea or not, but we did have OK foot traffic and most importantly managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff we no longer wanted.

I hate to keep making these short, but as time goes on, there are fewer "big changes" and more moving on with life.  At least there's Flip Friday where Feli posts a video of our little guy.

Also, don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but our little guy really does like water.  We've stared bathing him in the kitchen sink.  He's so cute as he sits and splashes in the water.  It's kinda funny just how much he loves the water.

One thing we have started to notice is that he's getting overwhelmed in crowds.  If there are too many people or too much noise, it's starting to freak him out a little bit.  Not sure if that's a phase or if he's really going to be like that.  Guess only time will tell.

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