Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in Review 6/12/2011, 15 weeks

We are closing in on 4 months with our little guy. Tuesday it'll be 16 weeks he's been alive and with us. It seems hard to believe it even as I type this. So much has happened in these four months.

Alex laughing at daddy

Now, while his first four months were busy, the las week hasn't been quite as busy. He did go to the embassy and to visit Feli's friends and former coworkers over at IMF.

As for his development, he keeps getting bigger, we figure that he is over 20-21 pounds now. And he's strong. If he had balance and desire, he could definitely stand by now. And he's definitely laughing now. It's not a true belly laugh yet, but it's getting close.

Firsts Nothing of note this week

Ups His sleep keeps getting better. He's definitely not sleeping through the night yet, but he is starting to nap a little bit better.

Downs Our little guy had quite a bout of constipation on Saturday. He went from happy to painful crying and back. Fortunately, it all came out in the end. (sorry, bad joke, I had to).

I suspect that as time goes on, these updates may get to be a bit shorter as there are fewer and fewer notable events.  Well, maybe not fewer notable events, but that they may be a bit more spread out as he gets to be a bit older.

Now, that being said, we did pick up a FlipVideo camera to play with.  It seems to agree with Feli a bit better as it’s a no brainer to use and take video with, hence the larger amount of video being posted now.  Not bad for $70.

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