Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week in Review 8/14/2011, 24 weeks

I'll be interested to see, Feli and I were discussing who would write this weeks post. I'm out waiting for friends and she's back at the house with hot rod, so we could be writing this in unison.

Anyway, last week was an interesting week. The second half of the week Mimi came to visit. And boy did Alex enjoy that. And of course, so did we.

The other two biggies were he's really starting to eat real food now. So we've added apples to the foods he's eating.

That was Michael's part and now is my turn. I will just add some new pictures of him and let them speak for themselves of how well Alex is growing and developing. I am a bit disappointed with myself that I didn't get a single picture with Mimi and Alex together!! It was so special to have Wendy with us, especially right on her birthday. We got to celebrate her with cupcakes, a surprise massage appointment across the street and a healthy, grilled dinner.

This photo was taken on Saturday by Mimi while I was away in Philadelphia. It was hard to be away from my 'chunky monkey' (new nickname) for twelve hours, but I made it and he got upon my return lots and lots of kisses and hugs.

DSC 5545

Over the weekend my friend Kate and her two kids, Maxim and Yana got to stay with us. They really loved Alex and asked for him the moment they made it to our house, the minute they would get up and come up from the basement and the moment they would return to the house from being out exploring DC.

DSC 5559

Here's a cute picture of Yana holding Alex in her lap.


And last but not the least, here's our shirtless boy, showing off his cute baby fat:))

DSC 5596

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