Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week in Review 7/31/2011, 22 weeks

Five and a half months. It’s hard to believe that Alex has been here for almost 6 months. It’s amazing to see just how much he’s changed. This was a big week for his development: he’s started eating real food. We let him take a sample of watermellon last week and this week he’s started eating banana.

You know, given all the traveling we've done lately, it felt kind of strange to spend a whole week at home. Unfortunately, it was a very hot one here in dc. And that meant that Feli and Alex were kind of stuck around thud house.
Which isn't a bad thing from my perspective, as I like the company. I think they would prefer to be out and about though.
I am starting to think this whole parenthood thing does take a bit of a toll in the mind, though. This entry may be a good example. I've written a couple hundred words and said a whole lot of nothing.
Anyway, I'm still struck by just how happy and easy going our little guy is. Seems like very little bothers him. If he's tired or hungry, he will let you know. Otherwise, he's just smiley and happy. What more could we want for a little guy.
I know everyone says to enjoy these times because you can never get them back. I do now understand what they mean, but at the same time, I really what him to grow up a bit more so I can start showing him the world around us. There are so may great things to see and I am really looking forward to showing them to Alex.

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