Monday, August 8, 2011

Weeek in Review 8/07/2011- 23 weeks

Alex feet













It seemed that last week the weather was a little bit better in DC so little Alex and I had plans and people to see each day of the week. That meant Alex and I walked and took the metro a lot. It's becoming easier to manage the public transportation with a stroller, although it helps that I do travel off peak. Alex loves riding the metro and all those elevators we need in order to get in and out of a station.

Our city outings this week took us to IMF where I used to work. We had lunch with a friend there and afterwards we went up on the 12th floor and visited my former coworkers there. Another day we hang out at the National Portrait Gallery  with two other neighbors and their kids. We had lunch sitting in the beautiful air conditioned indoor court. It's such a wonderful, hidden place in the middle of bustling Chinatown. On Thursday there was a special event at Family Health Birth Center where Alex was born. I drove there with the little one (it was the very first time I drove by myself with him) and hang out for a couple of hours with other moms and babies and did some itsy bitsy yoga. Everyone there, including the midwife who delivered him were very impressed of his size. Friday we were back downtown hanging out with a girlfriend of mine.

Alex is very easy going so it's not a dread anymore going somewhere public. I just need to make sure I have milk prepared and ready to go once he gets that hunger going. His lungs are well developed now so his cry is quite loud. We went to hang out at a coffee shop on Friday morning, thinking that dad will be able to work for a couple of hours and us will keep him company. Oh no, Alex had a loud cry in his agenda... so loud, we had to pack and leave. Of course the moment we stepped outside, he was all fine.

Big first for Alex this week was that he started eating solids. Each morning this week I would mash a piece of banana and feed him that. Oh my, does he love food!! He opens his mouth so big and knew pretty much right away how to handle that spoon. He's a great eater and can't wait to keep introducing more fun and healthy veggies and fruits to him. At night I also give him rice cereal in his milk so his stomach gets full and happy for the night.

Speaking of that, this week I tried something new during the night. Whenever he would get up to sip a little milk (he would sip a few times and then go back to sleep), I let him cry a little. I was pleasantly surprised that he wouldn't cry in the real sense of the word, but whine for a while and then eventually go back to sleep in 10 minutes or so. Towards the end of the week he stopped waking up every two-three hours, for the past three nights he slept from 8 pm to 5 am straight! What a blessing to have him rest this well! I hope he will continue this great trend, my body loves this uninterrupted sleep!

Other big first is that Alex discovered his feet so now he grabs them all the time, pulling his big toe. He continues to love playing in the exersaucer which is great for me, it allows me to do my work in the kitchen or around the house. If we lay him on his back now, he will pretty much turn on his tummy right away, get stuck and whine about it. He's never been big fan of tummy time. He's also very strong so he is able to hold all his weight on his feet, he love standing. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts walking soon:)


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