Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 25 in Pictures

So mommy took me all over the place this week. I do enjoy getting out and meeting my friends, making new friends, riding the metro, the bus, walking around and just seeing this fascinating world I was born into.

My week started with a lunch with all these pretty girls and ladies. My two buddies Ellie and Sofia and their mommies were all over me, the only boy in the crowd. 
I did enjoy the attention, I must admit.


My favorite person was Sofia... she's so pretty. Can I call her my girlfriend? Well... one of my girlfriends??


The next day, mommy took me to this new, beautiful park in SE DC, called the Yards. We met up there with some other mommies from our neighborhood and their kids, but the camera acted up when mom took pictures of me and my other girlfriend, Gracie so all we have is this one of me, taking a nap away from the noise of the water fountain. The kids were playing there loudly, disturbing my afternoon siesta. Mommy was smart to walk away with the stroller so I could get my beauty sleep. How do you think I've grown into this hot stud surrounded by pretty girls??


Another day this week, mommy and I took the metro all the way to IMF where mommy used to work. We met up with two of her many international friends, Maria and Violeta. I like them a lot because once again, I was the only guy in the crowd so all the attention was on me.


One evening this week was more special than usual because daddy and mommy took me out to a neighborhood restaurant. I behaved the whole time and let them enjoy this interesting looking drink they had. I can see my milk on the table and that's all I can think of right now... nam-nam...


Saturday came along and despite the hot weather, the whole gang gathered around my stroller and mommy who took the picture walked over to Florida Avenue to a free ice cream event, DC Scoop. Look how everyone centers around my stroller, I think they all like me.

DSC 5611

Even if I couldn't taste yet the yummy ice cream I saw around me, I had fun playing the macho baby. I am a big boy, I can pull it of... can't I?:) Not too sure about the mustache look, but the muscles are totally mine!

DSC 5624

Saturday wasn't over yet. Had a good nap after being in that heat earlier and then when I woke up, I was in Paradise... look at all these pretty Romanian ladies around me! I was the man once again... my life is good!

DSC 5650

One last picture of the week showing me in action... the action of eating! Mommy introduced me to more yummy food and I like it ALL! Yumm yumm...

DSC 5601


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