Friday, June 8, 2012


Today we finally made it to Bodia, the village where my grandparents lived and where I spent lots of summers with my siblings. It was tough for my parents with the three of us, so whenever they could, they would take us to the countryside. We were so happy there:  farm animals to keep us entertained, fresh food, loving grandparents who would satisfy our requests… life was good!

It was emotional and cool at the same time to see Alex walk through the same courtyard I used to play in, climb the same stairs I used to and chase the chickens like most probably I did too back in the day.

Here we are, three kids, happily chewing on some yummy apples from my parent's backyard and watching the world, or I guess just the village, go by… I love my mom hiding behind, peeking from the house at us. The bench is not there anymore, but I took a picture of Alex and my parents just nearby.

Scan 110413 0025

DSC 7295

My grandparents passed away and unfortunately no one lives in the house anymore. You could tell by the way grass and weeds grow wild all over the yard. Alex had fun exploring a little bit.

DSC 7305

Alex is into climbing these days, he likes to do that every time he has the chance to practice on something. Here's at the top of the stairs trying to climb the little gate.

DSC 7339

Many years ago, the tops of those stairs were my favorite too. I didn't have a scanned photo of me playing on that very spot, but I did find this one below where I probably just got off those stairs to go to the fountain and bring some water in those buckets.

Scan 110413 0006

Being around that many chickens, ducks and other farm animals was fun. Alex thought the same today when he was chasing the little chickens around. I am kind of sad his childhood will be so much different than mine…

Scan 110413 0029

DSC 7370


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