Monday, June 25, 2012

Countdown reality

It's getting closer and closer to our departure… four more days!! My heart is nothing but a pool of mixed feelings: I really miss Michael, my home, my church, my life in US but I also feel terrible leaving my parents behind and not knowing when am I going to see them next. We both had a fantastic time in Romania, especially Alex. He learned so much about himself here, got to try new things, experience a different culture… of course he's too small to realize that but it's a great start to him embracing his Romanian side.

This was one of his favorite playgrounds, just outside the city. Alex spent hours in this sand box and we've already put in a request to daddy and Papa to build one in the backyard. It will make everyone's lives easier having this kind of preoccupation available any time.

DSC 7676  Version 2

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