Friday, May 25, 2012

Family photo shoots

One desire that I had even before I came home to Romania was to have a professional photo shoot with my family here. It was for the first time that all cousins were together and I just couldn't miss the chance on documenting this special moment. I also wanted 'bunu' and 'buna' to have some good pictures with their wonderful grandchildren. Here are some of the best shots. 

I should mention that the first session Michael and my sister in law, Lili were missing as they either didn't make it to Romania yet or couldn't make it at all. The last photos are of the three of us, Michael, Alex and I. The same friend who took the first pictures was gracious enough to meet up for another session when Michael was here. 

Great, great memories for years to come...

IMG 7901

IMG 7908

IMG 7938

IMG 7947

IMG 8042

IMG 8049

IMG 8153

IMG 8259

IMG 8325

IMG 8362

IMG 8373

IMG 8508 1




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