Thursday, May 10, 2012

"The ducks and the hunters"

Probably every culture has this game, although it might be called differently. In Romania we call it 'the ducks and the hunters' and two kids sit opposite of each other and try to hunt by hitting with a ball the kids that stay in the middle. I remember playing this game every summer, almost every day, without ever being tired of it.

It was so surreal to sit on a bench and see my niece, Lorena and nephew Timi playing this game while Alex would watch and try to get involve somehow. I had this mixed feelings: nostalgia for the old times, regret that they are gone and never return, gratefulness for me being there and be able to see this, excitement thinking of Alex playing like this in a few years…

DSC 5061


  1. In America we called it dodge ball. And I definitely remember playing it as a kid.

  2. Dodge ball... I've heard of it but never realized it was the same game. Today, I felt like a kid again when my brother and I played dodge ball with the kids. Him and I were the 'hunters' and the poor kids were the chased 'ducks'. We had a blast.

  3. I think I know of the feeling you are talking about... :)