Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

I realize this entry about our week in Knoxville is a little bit late but then again, it kind of fits in with how updates show up on Alex's blog... a few days late. I did want to post a few glimpses of our fun days in Tennessee and show Alex's first video. He got a hold of the Flip and off he went, recording his first video segment. Alex had a blast visiting Mimi and Papa, especially that his cousins were down there. Charlie was a great gang leader, behaving well and helping out as much as he could. Alex is already looking up to him!

DSC 8875

The weather was gorgeous all week so the boys had lots of fun outside. Tractors and cars helped out in keeping these active boys entertained and happy.

DSC 8975

This next photo for me seems to represent the future for us: Charlie leading the crowd, Henry always going for the adventure part and Alex, wanting to imitate Henry while hanging on for his dear life. Oh boy, fun times ahead once Alex joins his cousins...

DSC 9101

Alex would make a great cowboy, wouldn't he? Charlie let us borrow his awesome hat and pose with it.

DSC 9181

We also managed to get a few family shots right before Michael and I went on a little date later that day. It was nice of Mimi to babysit Alex for us and on top of that to gift us with tickets to a Knoxville Food Tour.

DSC 9187  Version 2

Beautiful aunt Julie and Alex posed for the camera as well. Look at both those smiles!!

DSC 9293

With three beautiful grandsons like these three musketeers, anyone would be as smiley as Mimi and Papa.

DSC 9332

And finally a little preview of what's ahead... Merry Christmas everyone!

DSC 9364


The conclusion is made by Alex as he grabs the video camera from Michael's hands...

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