Thursday, December 22, 2011

Comparing Notes (part one)

Michael found a bunch of photos he has been saving on his computer and shared them with me. Last night I couldn't stop digging through them, especially the old black and white photos he had scanned a while back. Lucky me, my dad was into photography as I was growing up so I have lots of black and white (and a few color) photos revealing my own childhood, in a totally different part of world. I am very thankful for my dad who took the time and energy to learn how to develop films, there were no expensive, fancy, smart DSLR cameras back then. I don't think I would be as good as documenting Alex's childhood, all ten months of it so far, with so many pictures (oh, and videos!!) if the camera wouldn't do pretty much all the work for me... I basically point and click at this photogenic baby of mine, him and the camera are the only ones working or posing.

If the old picture of me would have the same quality as Alex's, I think it would be hard to tell who's who. Alex looks very much like me, don't you think so? Both him and I were so cheeky and round:


DSC 6104


One of my favorites photos of me is this one where my very young, good looking dad was holding me. I thought the photo of Michael and Alex was a great comparison... although obviously Alex already has a funnier side than I had... look how serious I was lol.


DSC 6509

It's kind of amazing to see how big of a difference it can be from one generation to another. Sometimes it makes me wonder how is it going to be when Alex's will be an adult.... well, kind of scary thought because that means I will be old but most probably a very, proud, happy mom still:)



  1. Oh my gosh! Alex looks just like your baby photo! I love the picture of you and your dad!