Friday, December 2, 2011

Flip Friday

It looks like this blog is becoming a lot of 'Flip Friday's entries. I don't know really what I can do to get my act together and be more active about blogging. There are so many funny moments and stories I want to capture at the time when they happen but then I got distracted and busy with other things and never come around to do it. Well, one thing I do right  and I am not ashamed to brag about it: I  take pictures, lots of pictures of our little guy playing, eating, crawling, doing the funniest faces and all. I post these pictures on regular basis on Facebook or Picasa.

I was looking through the videos and I decided to dig through some of the earlier ones. Alex is only nine months old but looking at some of these early videos, I couldn't believe the change he went through in just a few months. I mean, just look at these cheeks!! He's still a 'chunky monkey' (yet another nickname for him) but he's thinned out since the trip to California back in June when I filmed this. I liked how intrigued he seemed to be about his hand and fingers. Now he's into 'blinking lights and buttons' just like someone else I know.


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