Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Town Alexandria

It's been a mild December so far, giving us the chance to spend lots of time outside, either at the playground, walking around town, running errands or enjoying scenic places around DC. Last Friday, my mommy friend Roxana had the idea of going to old town Alexandria and getting some fresh air while walking around and doing some window shopping. We were joking how our husbands who work during the day (to whom we are very grateful to by the way!!), love us even more when we do that kind of shopping... no credit cards involved.

It was a beautiful, crisp day and the four of us enjoyed the beautiful area there. Here are some of my favorite shots I got that day.The boys by the waterfront, although Alex wasn't too happy with mommy taking pictures and not pushing the stroller.

DSC 9830

This is my new Romanian friend Roxana, whom also is married to an American, whom also has a boy (just a few months older than Alex) and who lives just outside DC. We became buddies right away and we see our little guys falling for each other too.

DSC 9808

DSC 9833  Version 2

DSC 9814  Version 2

DSC 9811

DSC 9823


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