Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week in review 4/31/2011, 9 weeks old

Alex at the doctor’s office

I guess this week marks the end of the “next 9 weeks” as it were.  Alex is now almost 10 weeks old and has continued to grow like a weed.  We took him to the doctor for his two month checkup and the little guy weighs almost 16 pounds (15 lb 13 oz to be exact) and is now 24 inches long (or 24 cm long if you’re my wife trying to tweet).  Anyway, the two month checkup also means the first of many mondo shots he gets to take.  This one was two shots for five different diseases.  And our guy took it … well … like a big baby.  To be fair, I do think his little leg hurt for at least half a day, so I do feel sorry for him.

Other week highlights included a trip to the museum (where he slept the entire time, apparently we have an art lover) and a trip to a big thrift store.

Firsts We took him with us to the National Gallery of Art here in DC.  Not sure if his sleeping through the entire trip signifies that he’s not an art lover or was just tired. He also had his first real night on the town too. We decided to take everyone to the H Street Country Club near our house.  I think it would have been a fun night of food and mini-golf, but it was interrupted by not one, but two drunken bachelorette parties.  Nothing says fun like 30 drunk screaming women.  Or at least Alex thought so.

Ups His size for sure.  Adding almost three pounds in 4 weeks is rather impressive.  No wonder the little guy eats so much.  He’s also becoming more and more expressive and talkative as time goes one.  He’s even started blurbbling at us (think a very wet raspberry)

Downs I think his tummy was hurting a bit, either that or he’s going through some sort of minor digestive change.  The last couple of days have had him spitting up more than he ever has before.  In fact, he got Feli good on Friday night, dumping almost a whole bottle of eaten formula on her.

Funny Today while walking around the mall our little guy had an attack of the boogers.  Itself not terribly exciting, but he then proceeded to wipe it all over Feli’s shoulder, the Moby and of course back onto himself.  That made for a cute picture for sure.


  1. i love that he's had his first museum trip. i heard a speaker this weekend talk about a 7 year old with an opinion on why picasso is superior to cezanne. maybe nap time was alex's deliberate commentary--it's hard to express opinions when you can't talk:)

  2. I see a pattern with all the boogies and snotties ending up on Feli... :) :) :)