Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week in Review 7/17/2011, 20 weeks

So our guy basically turned 5 months old this week. Or at least has been here twenty weeks. As I'm writing this, Feli and I are having to backtrack and count the weeks to make sure we have it right.

Regardless of how long he's been here, this week was another interesting one. This week had us going to Chicago for my cousin's wedding, so we left DC on Friday and returned on Monday evening. And again, our little guy did wonderful on the trip. Everyone thought he was as cute as can be and he behaved wonderfully. Well, he did whine a little bit as his teeth were hurting a bit, but who can really blame him for that.

We did get some pictures and video that we will have to post later.

Other than that big event, I don't know of much else that happened, thought to be fair, I was in Toronto for two nights .... Maybe @Felioland will have more to share.

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