Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chicago Trip

Obviously, the highlight of Alex's twentieth week of life was the trip to Chicago. I selected a few of the pictures taken over the weekend to show what a good time we all had.

Here we go again!! Another airplane trip for our Alex who once again, did very well on all the flights. He already mastered that semi-bored look people have while walking around in the airports.




It was a gorgeous day on Saturday when the wedding took place at the beautiful chapel of the Loyola University, by Lake Michigan. Here we are all dressed up for the event.

DSC 5257


DSC 5316

The best part about the wedding was that we got to see our cousins, Charlie and Henry, auntie Julie and Mimi and Papa.

DSC 5275

DSC 5310

Here we are at the beautiful reception. Despite the gorgeous decorations, music, dancing and delicious food, Alex got a bit bored and had to play with daddy's tie to entertain himself.



DSC 5389


While being in Chicago, I took advantage of being so close to wonderful friends of mine, class mates from my high school years in Romania so Sunday we organized a little get together. It was even more meaningful to meet up with them as Anca and Ionut had their own little baby boy just two weeks before Alex. Our boys, Nino and Alex met up for the first time and even if Alex seemed to be a bit moody and uninterested in making friends, Nino kept reaching out and wanting to interact. They were both so much fun to watch!

DSC 5409

At one point, they both got tired and fell asleep like this. Sweet sleeping angels...


DSC 5425

Dana, Felicia, Maggie and Anca.... good friends for some time.

DSC 5427  Version 2

Here's a final picture of all of us, friends who traveled from all over: DC, Cleveland and Indiana and hosted wonderfully, Romanian style by our local Maggie.

DSC 5468

It was a short trip but enough to add some more life long memories to our repertoire. Alex will not remember these early trips but he's already getting used to travel, exploring and enjoying seeing new places, meeting people.  It's what they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.







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