Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week in review 4/3/2011, 5 weeks old

So another week has come and gone and Alex (and I guess the rest of us) is a week older. This has been an intestine week for him. Probably the top item of the week is the arrival of Bunu si Buna (grandma and grandpa in Romanian). They've come in for a two month visit. Other than that, Alex had his one month doctors appointment. At the visit, he had gained another pound, up to 12 pounds and he's 22 inches long. The doctor says he is growing just fine and appears to be quite healthy.

Firsts Of course, the big one is meeting his grandparents. He also seems to have grown into 3-6 month clothes. Also. We started using the "tummy tub" for bath time. Boy does he seem to like it.

Of course, since he's been screaming a lot, he had a number of new places this week to scream at: Ella's Pizza, the National Portrait Gallery, the Mall and a bus. Well, he actually behaved on the bus, but why spoil a fun way of describing the week ....

Ups He is smiling more and seems to be sleeping a bit better than before.

Downs Alex is still a bit more cranky than before. He tends to cry more in the evenings than in the day time.

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  1. So sweet! I love how gently your mom touches your cheek - so much love!! :) Love to you all!