Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two Strollers In One Day

Yesterday was not such a good day for us, we went from having two great strollers, to having none! The urban, chic stroller I got from my colleagues suffered a little 'trauma' when it decided to go down the front stairs by itself and flipped over. The basinet broke on each side and is not stable anymore. The other stroller worked with our car seat and it was a lighter, easy to throw in the car and take it along. I lucked out when I got it for free from another mom on MOTH (Mothers On The Hill yahoo group). Well, this stroller got either stolen or taken away by the trash collectors on Monday morning. Michael unloaded something from the trunk of the car so he put the stroller outside the garage planning to put it back inside when he was done. We assumed he forgot to do that because a day later when we wanted to use it (after the other one broke), we realized it had vanished! The sad part is that these strollers combined cost over $ 500, the good part is that we got them both for free.

We ordered a new stroller off Amazon this evening (thanks to all the gift certificates we got there!!) so by Thursday we should have a new one. Alex enjoys being outside so much, we can't wait too long until another great deal comes along.

494 baby stroller cartoon

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  1. Oh no!!! I loved that black stroller! Well, hopefully the next one is even better :)