Thursday, October 7, 2010

Made Up My Mind

Yesterday I had my 20th week appointment when they do the anatomic ultrasound (see the photo below). They measure everything from feet, arms, bones, head, spinal bone, to looking for all the vital organs: bladder, kidneys, heart and of course sex of the baby. We did get another confirmation that we are having a boy so now I am even more determined to decide on the name. I am grateful to God though that everything looked normal and the pregnancy is developing like it should.

After the ultrasound appointment, I went down a floor to see my ob/gyn. This appointment which was my third one so far with him beat the record- I don’t think I sat down in the chair in front of him for more than a minute and  a half. He took a look at the vitals, weight, he said it was all good. Asked me if I found out the sex of the baby, congratulated me on the baby boy than escorted me politely out the door.

It all happened so fast that all I could think of was an idea I heard on this another birth documentary I watched a few days ago, called "Pregnant America." The filmmaker was talking about the 'mcdonalization' of different areas of the American society and what that means is the application of the fast food principles, like time, efficiency and control to these other aspects of life. I definitely felt like a little pregnant 'burger' rolling down the band and being poured on whatever brief information I was due to know: "all looks good, weight and blood pressure, next time we do the glucose test, here's the drink, take it 45 min before your next appointment, see you in a month."

No, doc, you are not! I am not going back there because I have decided to switch my health care provider, I am going with midwives and a birth center.




  1. Yay! Good Choice! I wish we had that option in small town midwest! :) ~Rochelle

  2. That said...(see comment below) small town midwest has it's perks. My OB is also a family doctor and takes a lot of time with me.

    I'm so excited for you two. Experiencing pregnancy and meeting your baby for the first time is SUCH an amazing experience.