Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Henry and Charlie

I went from having a quiet, empty house for three weeks to a full house with kids, laughter and wonderful family this past weekend. My adorable nephews came to visit, here we are sitting on the front porch and enjoying a gorgeous fall day. Soon enough our own little baby boy will join these two and then us, four parents plus a set of grandparents will have to be on our toes and keep an eye on them:)



Here's Henry, cute as a button. His smile fills up the room and his curious eyes watch every move you make. His laughter is contagious and his laid back attitude would make any other parent jealous.


Big brother Charlie is the funniest little three year old I've ever seen. His blue eyes can make anyone melt and his pleasant voice will make you listen to his words even if you need a translation from mommy or daddy. His blonde hair will make you stroke his head and then you end up kissing his appealing cheeks.


I think our little-geek-to-come will be blessed to have such wonderful cousins!

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