Monday, October 11, 2010

Up in the Air

I am on my way back to DC after a great weekend in Denver, Colorado. It was a trip that combined a few purposes and the outcome couldn't have been better. First of all, Michael and I got to see each other after him spending two weeks out in California. He still has one more week left but we both recharged enough after seeing each other that this coming Saturday when he comes back, doesn't seem far away at all.

Our hosts in Denver were Raluca and Alin, and how refreshing it was to see them both since Raluca moved from DC there. We had a good time getting nails done, well just Raluca and I, chatting lots over Starbucks coffee or tea (went by Raluca and Alin's habit on this one and stopped by Fivebucks every morning), explored delicious breakfast local spots, did some sightseeing, met up with other friends we had in that area and enjoyed the extra oxygenated Colorado air... except with the slightly headache Michael got when we drove up to 8000 feet elevation!!

All in all it was a very special way to inaugurate my second half of the pregnancy!!



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  1. Those sorts of moments in life are priceless! So glad to hear you've had a great time :) :) :) MIss you guys!