Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas with family

We had a lovely time with family in New Jersey. We drove up to Bradbury's house where all of us, four kids, one in the making and six adults had a blast together. Lots of good food, play time, laughter and of course gifts. 'Santa' was very generous this year, just as usual and we all got lots of beautiful gifts. The kids had fun opening one gift after another and discovering trucks, games, more trucks, books and yummy chocolates. 

Here are some of the pictures where we captured our family Christmas 2012: 

DSC 3270  Version 2

Happy Mimi and Papa surrounded by beautiful grandkids. 

DSC 3274  Version 2

The wonderful Bradburys:

DSC 3275  Version 2

The growing Oland gang:

DSC 3286  Version 2

Three musketeers: 

DSC 3141

Don't worry Elise, next year you will have your own buddy girl:)

DSC 3072


DSC 3205

At the end Elise, got tired of all the unwrapped gifts and paper laying around so she decided to clean it up.

DSC 3252

All the present ones were spoiled but Mimi didn't forget baby Oland #2 so our precious girl already got a cute outfits. It's still hard to believe that I will switch from trucks and bruum-bruums to pink dresses, tutus and dolls. We love our baby girl already and can't wait to meet her in a few more months. Until then, she's already spoiled by loving family and friends. 

DSC 3192  Version 2

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