Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week(s?) in Review 10/2/2011, 31 weeks

Ok, so last week's post didn't really happen …. It ended up being a rather busy week and frankly the post just slipped my mind.  However, what came out of it was a decision that instead of weekly entries, well start doing this bi-weekly.  Turns out that as time has progressed and Alex gets to be a little bit older, the big events tend to happen a bit less frequently.  This means that I've had a hard time lately coming up with what he's been doing each week.

Now, of course, as we decide to do this, it's after a rather busy week for our hot rod.  The week started with a trip to Guguta, a Romanian (well, technically Moldovan) mom's group.  Alex seemed to enjoy himself and it's great to see him around other children who are also learning Romanian (or Moldovan in this case).  I'm sure Feli has some video of this she can post at some point.  After that, a coworker of mine came into town for the week, so we had to head to the airport for that.

Since my coworker was in town to work on a big project with me, Feli decided this was a good week to get out of town.  So, she decided to make a trip up to the Philadelphia suburbs to visit a college friend and her two girls.  From what they tell me, they had a grand time hanging out.  Oh, and I think my little guy liked being the center of her two girl's attention.  I'll let Feli write more about that part of the trip if she decides to.

The second half of that trip had me driving up to Bucks County, north of Philly, to meet up with them for the Philadelphia Biblical University homecoming.   And after that, it was spending the night with a dear friend, Lucille.  We haven't seen her since Feli's baby shower almost a year ago.  It was good for her to meet Alex.

That's the review of the week, now a bit more about hot rod and his development.  He's started sleeping on his stomach at night.  Guess he takes after mommy on that one.  He's also starting to scoot.  He's not crawling yet, but he has started pushing up on to all fours and then scooting his legs backwards.  I remember seeing one of my nephews doing the same thing, so I know it's only a matter of time before Alex is crawling around and basically keeping us even busier than before.

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