Monday, October 17, 2011

Weeks in Review 10/17/2011, 33 weeks

A bit over two weeks now have gone by since my last post.  And it's definitely been an interesting 15 days.  Since the last post, we went on a family vacation to Miami Beach.  It was nice getting away for a few days and just relaxing.  We did some of the usual beach-y things, including spending time on the beach itself.  The beach there on South Beach is beautiful and in early October isn't too busy.  I personally found the water to be a bit chilly, though my wife thinks that I'm a weenie.

But I digress.  We're not sure yet if Alex likes the large bathtub as I'm sure it looks to him.  He sort of poked his foot in (or really mommy put his foot in).  And what he did was look slightly frightened and slightly perplexed.  The end result wasn't the sand castle and frolicking in the water vacation we may have wanted.  Instead we spent more time walking around the shopping and touristy areas of South Beach.  And that's fine by me.  Alex seemed to enjoy looking at new and different things, plus it was nice for a change of scenery.

However, don't think the whole trip was touristy areas and nic-nac shops.  We did take a quick trip to the Miami Children's Museum where alex got to play with squishy things and see mom and dad act kind of goofy.  Well, dad act kind of goofy.  We also found a nice city park and playground (which I am currently mayor of) with swings for him to swing on.  It's fun to watch him sit in one of the smaller swings and just smile as we push him.

All in all it was a good vacation.  And again, Alex traveled quite nicely.  No major meltdowns and no major issues.  Not really sure I'd recommend South Beach as a family get away spot, but it really worked better than it could have.

Last weel, then, was a much more normal week for us.  We tried to get back into the swing of things and tried to settle back into a bit more normal schedule.  I do know that Alex was glad to be home.  It was so cute to see him when we brought him back to his room.  He definitely recognized it and appeared to be glad to be home.  And you should have seen the smile on his face when we stared playing his Romanian kids music.

Perhaps the biggest item of note for him was he now has at least one new tooth.  And of course, they are coming in slightly out of order.  He got his bottom two teeth first, as is normal.  And now he has two (well, one and a half) of his upper teeth.  However, they're not the front to.  Nope.  They're the canine (partly) and the one between the canine and the front teeth.  (Dentists all over are groaning at my lack of knowledge of the teeth).

He's also moving closer to crawling and maybe even walking.  I suspect that our next entry will come when he does one or both.

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