Friday, February 11, 2011

Waiting Period


It's been three weeks since I stopped working and I am not complaining. I've been home, enjoying this time very much. I got to finish the nursery: worked on a cabinet and a little table, sorted all the stuff I got at the baby showers, washed and folded all the little clothes etc. The room is ready, all we need now is a baby.

Michael and I find the nursery so cozy, we find ourselves sitting in there some evenings just relaxing and imagining that room coming to life when the sound of our precious baby will fill it up.

However, baby Alex is not giving any clue he's in a hurry to show up quite yet. As much as I want to be done already, there is no sign of me starting 'the fun' earlier than the due date. I am now at the stage where even just walking aches, I have finally started feeling pregnant aka uncomfortable and heavy.

Due date is next Saturday, 2/19. All we can do these days is sit tight, have our bag ready and wait...



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