Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Letter to my Baby

Dear Alex,

There are only a few days separating us from the special moment of meeting you in person and I am getting more and more excited about it. I must admit that the news of your existence took me by surprise, but with each week that I felt you grow inside me, I got to love you more and more each day. I haven't met you yet and can't really picture if you're going to look more like daddy or mommy, but I already know that you will be a perfect little baby that will bring us happiness and joy. I am sure there will be some tears along the way, but we will figure out what's wrong and what to do.

I promise I will try to be the best mom I can be. I promise I will love you unconditionally and take good care of you, I will put your needs before mine and I will protect you as much as I can. I will be there for you in both happy and difficult moments, I will support you in what you want to do and I will do my best to prepare you for this life the best way I can.

You are a gift from God for us and I will treasure you forever!



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