Friday, June 28, 2013

Five weeks already

Shame on us for not giving Norah Victoria Oland the proper welcoming blog entry on here. Sorry girl, I have to warn you that I most probably won't be able to be on top of things as I would like to. I wasn't able to be too consistent with Alex on here, will do my best to give you some proper attention. Definitely don't want you to feel left out, our precious girl. 

After waiting and waiting with anticipation, Norah's due date came and left… She was due on the 18th of May but didn't show up until May 24th. She was born at 3 am and managed to weigh even more than Alex, she was 2 ounces shy of 10 pounds!! Here's one of her first photos of her life. 

DSC 6955

She was very aware from the beginning, here she is just a few hours born and already seems to look at us with interest and probably some intrigue "where am I? where is the tight belly I was bound to and why don't I hear the 'shhhhhh' sound anymore?"

DSC 6968

Norah's first car ride home from the hospital. I am already having fun playing with colors and accessories for girls. I am lucky to get all these cute outfits from Elise, Norah's cousin. 

DSC 6973

Our first portrait as a family of four… I love how proud Alex looks. The moment we walked into the house with the baby, he was SO loving towards her. I have to say I was and still am surprised on how well he behaves with her, around her, how much he loves and wants to hold her. He's definitely going to be a great big brother. 

DSC 6981 DSC 6981

Happy grandparents, two wonderful pairs Mimi and Papa and Bunu and Buna.

DSC 7040

Welcome to our family, baby Norah Victoria. We already love you more than words can describe. We will try to be the best parents we can be to you, our precious one.

IMG 2545  Version 2



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