Monday, February 4, 2013

Our grand finale of the year (part two)

On December 31st we flew from Brussels to Heathrow, London where we rented a car and drove two hour south to Eastbourne, East Sussex. Neil's parents live there so we headed that way, feeling funny while driving on the opposite side of the road. I couldn't wait to make it there to finally see Aggie but also meet her precious son, Daniel. 

We finally made it to our destination through the pouring rain, typical British weather I guess. How surreal it was to be in the same room with my bestie and our adorable kiddos. God has blessed us both so much, beyond our expectations. We met the best guys we could have through a method that not very would venture to use, a Christian dating website. Well, I did it first, met Michael, got married so I highly recommended the website to other single girlfriends. Agnese and Victoria, another girlfriend had the same successful results.

But I am deviating a little here… let me go back to the end of 2012. We were dead tired but made it to midnight, watched the beautiful London fireworks on TV and then   quickly headed to bed at 12.10 am. The next day the sun came behind the clouds and we enjoyed a brisk walk around the bay. We have never been to Eastbourne before but we fell in love with the cute area. It was so quaint. 

Later that day we went for a special outing at this beautiful English village not far. We stopped at a cute cottage where we had tea, delicious pecan cheddar scones (must find the recipe on the internet!!) and food. On the way back we stopped by this beautiful spot by the sea. It was breathtaking.

Alex's favorite thing to do while traveling: pulling that carry on all over the airport.

Hi Daniel, SO nice to finally meet you!!

DSC 3628

DSC 3638

Agnese and I got a kick out out our hubbies seeing them pushing the strollers with our precious babies inside. 

DSC 3658

DSC 3674

DSC 3758

DSC 3790

DSC 3839

Loved this shot Aggie caught of us- notice the cute kissing shadow too.

DSC 3909

The whole gang.

DSC 3937


We enjoyed exploring the Eastbourne area but one day we had to catch the train and head to the city. London was calling of us way too strongly. We took Alex with us but left Daniel with Nana and Papa. The first thing we did the moment we boarded off the train was to find a Pret A Manger for Neil… notice his happy grin?:) That's his favorite food spot, we had to make a proper stop there and enjoy lattes, chocolate croissants and delicious sandwiches. 

DSC 3985

I was so thrilled to see Alex enjoying London. He had no idea where he was but there was no way he is not going to be a world traveler like mommy and daddy are. He was a trooper, behaved well and enjoyed the experience. Made us proud for sure!:)

DSC 4077

DSC 4060


DSC 4132

What an amazing way to start the new year!! We returned to the States with the biggest smile on our faces and a great attitude for the new year. Let 2013 roll out… 

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  1. How VERY VERY much I miss you! I keep remembering and I am so sad that time just rushes by when we are together. I want to be your neighbour and drink coffee in the morning on your porch while wearing big slippers and pj pants and watching our boys play in the sandbox :)