Friday, November 4, 2011

Flip Friday

It seems like all we are doing is post videos of little one. I SO wished I could make the time to sit down and write how funny, smart and curious our boy is. He's over eight months old now and my days are busier than before... there is no more laying him down and staying still. I have to watch him non stop as he crawls everywhere and puts everything in his mouth. With all that, Alex is cutter than ever and so much fun to observe. Besides crawling and pulling himself up on his own, he even makes a few steps with my help. I predict that by Christmas our boy will be walking around. In one hand, my back wishes that (it's not easy carrying around 26 pounder on my hips), but on the other hand... oh boy, praying for more energy already!

This is another clip of Alex from when the family was in town. Mimi was recording him, happily jumping in his jumperoo... aunt Julie saved us by letting us use their jumperoo. It should get a reward for making it through three energetic boys jumping up and down in it!


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