Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heart Beat

Michael accompanied me to my 16-weeks appointment this morning and we got to hear our 'little geek's' heart beat for half a minute... or maybe even less. That means we just got another typical in and out visit with the OB/GYN doctor. I was already used to the flavor of the 'drive through' the doctor's office had but Michael was pretty turned off by how fast the whole encounter took place. Until he pointed out as we were leaving the office, I didn't even realize how fast my doctor was speaking. He had to get it all out under the allocated time for us, I guess.

On Saturday morning I had a lovely meeting with a midwife I recently found out was attending our church and she was very helpful about answering some questions I started to have about being pregnant and especially giving birth. I've never thought before of not doing what maybe 90% of the women do- go to a regular OB/GYN doctor, have those quick monthly check ups and then deliver at whatever hospital the doctor was using, getting the epidural and hopefully skipping the C-section procedure.

After reading and informing myself better though, I am more and more inclined to find a birth center and allow these wonderful women who feel called to deliver babies to guide and take care of me during this special time. I realized I could have a personalized, educational experience where nothing is rushed, natural birth process is supported and where I have a caring, competent 'with woman'... my translation 'with ME' (the term midwife is derived from Middle English: mid = "with" and Old English: wif = "woman").

We have a couple of options around DC so Michael and I will check out these places and come to a decision. Until then, everything looks normal and on October 6th we will find out if we have a boy or girl.

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